What is PPC consultancy?

Pay per click consultancy is a service designed to offer advice on how to get the best performance from your PPC campaigns. This is usually done on a project basis or charged on a daily rate which means there is less cost involved compared to building an in house PPC team or working with a large agency.

I’ve set up ppc campaigns for FTSE 100 companies in the most competitive industries and add value to your business by offering consultancy on:

Search campaigns

Traditional PPC is becoming more and more competitive and, therefore, more difficult to make profitable. I can audit your account to make sure it’s optimised and getting the lowest cost-per-click possible. I’ll look at the following performance metrics:

  • Quality score
  • Click through rate (CTR)
  • Landing page experience
  • Conversion rate
  • Ad copy (including setting up responsive ads)
  • Return on ad spend (ROAS)
  • Demographics (Age & Gender)
  • In-market audiences
  • Devices (Mobile, Desktop & Tablet)

Shopping campaigns

Let’s start with the goods news – if you’re an e-commerce store with a physical product then chances are Google Shopping will outperform a traditional search campaign for you. The bad news? It can be challenging creating a feed to get your products into Google Shopping. But this is where I come in. Alternatively, if you already have a Google Merchant Center product feed set up, I can help you optimise it and ensure you’re getting the most from your product listings. Read my Google Shopping case study here that explains how I took one client to a 2,000% return on ad spend.

YouTube campaigns

YouTube advertising is a great way to put your product or services in front relevant audiences. With a cost per view as little £0.01, YouTube can be a cost-efficient way of combining:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • More traffic to your website
  • Conversions

If you don’t have product videos, I can help you create engaging content. If you have product videos but aren’t sure how to promote them, I can show you. You don’t need an expensive digital marketing agency to do this, I’ll show you or your team how, ultimately saving you money.

Display advertising

If you don’t have remarketing campaigns set up, you’ll be losing sales. Using display advertising to remarket to your website visitors will keep your brand in the mind of your target audience, which will lead to more sales through your website.
If you’re struggling to make paid digital advertising work, remarketing could be the answer. As well as remarketing, display advertising can also be effective in attracting new customers to your website through affinity, in-market & custom audiences.

Combining the perfect balance of all four of the above Google Ads channels (or BING, if your target audience is older) can be a highly effective marketing strategy for most businesses.

Benefits of working with a PPC consultant

  • Own your own data – A lot of agencies will set up a Google Ads account in their name so if you part ways with the agency you are not able to take your account with you. This is not the way I work. All accounts are set up for the client and if we are no longer working together the account is yours to run. The demographic and keyword data within a mature Google Ads account is incredibly important to the success of your business and is paid for by you (from your marketing budget) so you should always have access to that.
  • Transfer of knowledge – As above, a lot of agencies are not open to sharing how the PPC accounts are run. I work in the opposite way and transfer skills to the client wherever possible. Enabling existing staff members to take over my work enables me to strategise the next step to grow your business.
  • Pay as you go – I do not try to get you to sign a contract for 12 months work. I work on a daily rate and you can book my time for when you need it.

If you’re ready to hire a freelance pay per click consultant, then get in touch to discuss the service you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a PPC consultancy differentiate itself from managing Google Ads in-house or working with a larger agency, particularly in terms of cost-effectiveness and level of service?

PPC consultancy offers a distinct advantage over managing Google Ads internally or working with larger agencies in several ways. Firstly, it often proves to be more cost-effective as consultancy services are typically charged on a project basis or daily rate, reducing overhead costs compared to maintaining an in-house team or hiring a large agency. Additionally, PPC consultants provide personalised attention and expertise, focusing solely on the client's needs without the distractions or overhead associated with larger agencies. This personalised approach often translates to quicker response times, more tailored strategies, and closer collaboration with the client to achieve desired outcomes.

What specific strategies or tactics does a PPC consultant employ to optimise Google Shopping campaigns for e-commerce businesses, especially in terms of creating and optimising product feeds for maximum performance?

Optimising Google Shopping campaigns for e-commerce businesses requires specialised knowledge and expertise, particularly in creating and optimising product feeds. A PPC consultant can offer valuable insights and strategies to ensure that product feeds are structured and optimised effectively to maximise performance. This may involve optimising product titles, descriptions, and attributes, as well as implementing best practices for feed management and data quality. Additionally, the consultant can provide guidance on optimising bidding strategies, segmenting products, and leveraging Google Merchant Centre features to enhance visibility and drive results. Case studies or examples of successful Google Shopping campaigns can demonstrate the consultant's ability to deliver tangible results and ROI for e-commerce clients.

Can the PPC consultant provide examples or case studies showcasing successful outcomes from previous YouTube advertising campaigns, particularly in terms of achieving objectives like increased brand awareness, website traffic, and conversions?

A PPC consultant can showcase successful outcomes from previous YouTube advertising campaigns through case studies or examples, highlighting achievements in areas such as increased brand awareness, website traffic, and conversions. These case studies can provide insights into the consultant's approach to YouTube advertising, including strategies for targeting relevant audiences, creating engaging video content, and optimising campaign performance. By sharing specific results and outcomes from past campaigns, the consultant can demonstrate their ability to deliver measurable results and ROI for clients seeking to leverage YouTube as part of their digital marketing strategy. Additionally, the consultant can offer guidance on best practices for YouTube advertising, including tips for creating effective video content, targeting relevant audiences, and optimising ad placements to achieve desired objectives.

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